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Sampoorna Suraksha - Why you need Insurance?

Risks faced by an individual

Investing in financial products helps one to have financial growth. But financial planning is not only about financial growth but also about protecting oneself from financial risks.
Let’s see the financial risks that can make a big dent in your savings & make you financially insecure:
  • You or a family member gets afflicted by a critical disease & the medical expenses amount to Rs 3 lakhs. These unforeseen expenses can leave you a lot poorer than before
  • You are the major source of income for your household, & unfortunately you meet with an accident and die. Will your family be able to sustain its standard of living or will it spend the remaining days in poverty?
  • You meet with an accident and this results in temporary or permanent disability leading to loss of income. Will your family be able to meet the expenses or will you have to live in poverty?
  • Your home is damaged due to burglary, or due to fire, or due to some natural calamities. Will you be financially secure after this loss?
These are definitely some risks against which one should be covered for own and for family’s benefit. If one is not insured against these risks, the resulting expenses from an unfortunate event can make you poor or even bankrupt. You will never want to see your loved ones to face any trouble. So how can you let them be exposed to the risk of living in poverty because of the risks mentioned above.

What is Sampoorna Suraksha?

We at mintster believe in the concept of Sampoorna Suraksha, which covers the four major financial risks faced by individuals:
  • Accidental Disability
  • Loss of Life
  • Unforeseen Medical Expenses
  • Risk to Home due to fire, burglary, or any other adverse situations
Purchasing insurance against these 4 risks gives an individual Sampoorna Suraksha or Complete Security.
Sampoorna Suraksha can be defined as the investment strategy of protecting oneself &one’s family from financial insecurity due to unforeseen adversities.
A major benefit of purchasing Sampoorna Suraksha is that it makes you stress-free and more confident about your & your family’s future. This stress-free life will go a long way in maintaining one’s health & happiness.

How much does it cost?

The 4 risks can be covered by paying a small sum every year for insurance cover of these risks. The approximate annual expenses are:
  • Rs 5,000 for accidental disability
  • Rs 9,000 for a life insurance
  • Rs 15,000 for a family health insurance
  • Rs 1,000 for home insurance
Thus an annual investment of around Rs 30,000 will give you Sampoorna Suraksha. The benefit of purchasing Sampoorna Suraksha is that you have make your family financially secure against all adversities & thus become more confident & stress-free.
We have considered a typical healthy young person with a small family for our premium approximations. The insurance premiums vary for each individual based on various factors like age, family members, health history of family, city, etc.

Where can I buy life insurance?

Our team has a knowledge of the various insurance products available in the market. Our experts can handpick the optimum product fulfilling all your requirements and also help you in all the later processes.

Just fill the form by clicking here and we will call you soon. Dont worry, we will not share you contact details with any telecallers.

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